Digestive Support



Promotes digestive health and helps detoxify the body. Assists in overall health and wellness. Contains fiber in the form of psyllium husk powder  to help bulk stool and keep your digestive tract healthy.

Contains a proprietary blend of nutrients to help keep your gut healthy and your bowels moving.

It also contains chlorella powder. Research has found that chlorella can bind to heavy metals and flush them from your system before being absorbed by your body. Studies also show that the nutrients in chlorella may help lower bad cholesterol and triglycerides, both of which can cause harmful plaque buildup in your arteries and strain on the heart.

Chlorella’s fatty acids and minerals like potassium also decrease blood vessel stiffness. This improves the function of blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. Maintaining good cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood vessels reduces your risk of developing heart disease.


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